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This Could Be The One 180GM Cover.jpg

180 Gram Vinyl Format
(includes 11 track download card)


1. This Could Be The One (3:42) Karin Plato
2. Insomnia (6:15) Karin Plato

3. Take Time –(4:14) Karin Plato

4. I’ve Just Seen A Face (6:00) Lennon & McCartney
5. Sweet Summer (5:30) Karin Plato
6. July (8:45) Karin Plato
7. Life Is A Beautiful Game (3:47) Karin Plato


THIS COULD BE THE ONE is Vancouver based vocalist/composer Karin Plato’s first release in almost a decade. For this recording she includes mostly original songs composed over a span of several years as well as a few songs from other genres of music including country, pop and jazz specifi­cally arranged for her quintet (Karin Plato, Chris Gestrin, James Danderfer, Laurence Mollerup and Joe Poole). Trombonist Rod Murray guests on two songs. Guest vocalists blues star Jim Byrnes and vocalist Rebecca Shoichet both sing duets with Karin.

Karin describes the songs and themes as “characters” many of us meet in our life journey. Some of the songs are more related to a feeling or an experience and some are more desirable than others. We may ­find ourselves savouring a hot summer day, breezeless and calm, fi­lled with the scent of sweet flowers. On occasion we meet identifi­able characters: insomnia, love. There may be a loss where sadness envelopes the heart or the opposite may take place; true happiness. It’s all a part of the beautiful game of life.

“A fine composer, she writes some lines that a lesser singer would not be able to execute…there’s the delicate voice that seems caress each note but on this release, she is also singing out!” - Dianne Donovan, CKUA Radio Voices In Jazz

“Conveys a sense of reserved melancholy…Thanks to the absolutely impeccable production, there is a lot of wide-open space in the sound”
- Stuart Derdeyn - The Vancouver Sun/Province

“Hearts certainly interact on Ms. Plato’s 11-song seventh album, especially when she and blues singer Jim Byrnes duet on What Came Before.”
- Malcolm Parry, The Vancouver Sun

Karin Plato - vocals, piano on Heart and Soul
James Danderfer - clarinet & bass clarinet
Chris Gestrin - piano
Laurence Mollerup - bass
Joe Poole - drums

Rebecca Shoichet - vocals
Jim Byrnes - vocals
Rod Murray - trombone

Recorded at The Warehouse Studio

in Vancouver July 2017
Producer – Karin Plato
Recording & Mixing Engineer - Sheldon Zaharko
Assistant Engineer – Nick Civiero
Mastering Engineer – Graemme Brown
Arrangements – Karin Plato
Graphic design – Paul Norton & Karin Plato
Sketches & photographs – Gorm Damborg

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