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There's Beauty in the Rain

All Music Guide

by Scott Yanow

Karin Plato is a talented jazz vocalist whose delivery is straightforward and swinging. Rather than being an adventurous improviser or a scat singer, Plato's variations are subtle, soulful and expressive while paying close attention to the words that she improvises. She hits the notes that she aims for and is able to essay wide interval jumps with apparent ease; plus, her haunting voice is appealing. The singer was wise to surround herself with a particularly strong group of jazz players for her debut. Pianist Ross Taggart (who has many short solos), bassist Torben Oxbol and drummer Craig Scott give her a solid and swinging foundation. Campbell Ryga, who is heard on alto and soprano, is often a co-star, taking many inventive spots that fit in well with Plato's voice. Tenor saxophonist Bill Abbott guests on "Beauty in the Rain," one of four originals contributed by the singer. Other highlights include a happy reworking of "If I Were a Bell," Oscar Brown Jr.'s "Hum Drum Blues," a heated "Mountain Greenery," Clifford Brown's "Joy Spring" (which is not easy to sing) and a slower than usual treatment of "Hooray for Love."

This CD is well worth exploring, and Plato clearly has a great future ahead of her.

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