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1. This Can’t Be Love
2. If I Were a Bell
3. Hum Drum Blues
4. Innocent Again
5. Mountain Greenery
6. Beauty in the Rain
7. Joy Spring
8. You Don’t Know What Love is
9. Lazy Afternoon
10. You Give Me The Blues
11. Hooray for Love
12. Dog for a Day


The morning after recording this album...
I awoke to the rain. How appropriate! I went for a run and found myself deep in thought counting my many blessings: My husband Lou who loves me even with my faults, my parents who have done and continue to do so much for me, my sister Heidi who thinks that I care too much about what other people say, my sister Peggy who loves to dance to Tarantellas, the people who listen to me sing and make me believe this is something that I can do, and the many musicians that I have been lucky enough to play with over the past few years. I feel especially lucky to have had these musicians assembled here to play with me on this recording. What a dream band! Torben, Ross, Campbell, Craig and Bill; I hope you know how grateful I am for your special talent and for saying yes to this project.

I want to extend a special thank you to Torben for his generosity and his incredible talent as the producer of this recording. Thanks also to Brett for being such a kind person and for making me feel so comfortable in the studio. Torben and Brett worked with tireless patience and attention to detail during the mix-down and for that I am grateful as well.

This recording is dedicated to two wonderful singers and inspiring teachers: Sheila Jordan and Jay Clayton.

Produced by Torben Oxbol
Arrangements by Ross Taggert
Recorded at Creation Studios, July 1998
Engineered by Brett Wade
Mixed by Brett Wade and Torben Oxbol
Mastered by Craig Zurba


Karin Plato - vocals
Ross Taggart - piano
Craig Scott - drums
Torben Oxbol - bass
Campbell Ryga - alto & soprano sax

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