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The State of Bliss

Community Broadcasting Association of Australia

by David Jobling

Karin Plato's new CD is smooth jazz vocals surrounded by stunning music. It's called "The State of Bliss" and overall it does a fine job of creating the same.

Recorded in the Riverside Studio, Vancouver late in 2002, this CD features a couple of gentle and warm duets with Denzal Sinclaire the much acclaimed jazz vocalist... there's even a cover version of 'My Favourite Things' (from "The Sound of Music") to brighten your listening time. I recall Barbra Streisand doing something similar about 30 years (or more) ago - but there was not the fantastic musical break from bassist Steve Holy, but hey, the musicians list on this CD reads like a Who's Who of Canadian jazz.

Words like soft and sweet come to mind listening to Plato, hers is such a well produced voice... she's certainly up there with the likes of Ute Lemper and Kerri Bidell, but of course she has her very own unique style and once you've allowed it to reach you, you'll be just as hooked as any other jazz lovin' soul.

I'm going to be staying inside and keeping warm every cold evening from now on with this CD playing gently in the room... unless of course I'm in a quirky mood and need something from another genre, but I'm definitely going to enjoy listening to this often. It's no nonsense admirable jazz at its very very best.

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