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Blue Again

Jazz Review

by Lee Prosser

Karin Plato is a remarkable jazz singer, her vocals are hauntingly beautiful, filled with sensitivity and a sense of mellow desire, and she sings each word with perfect clarity. In her new CD collection, BLUE AGAIN, Karin Plato brings new meaning to the words, jazz sensitivity when singing.

Karin Plato grew up in Alsask located in Saskatchewan, Canada, later attending the University in Saskatoon where she earned her Bachelor of Music degree in piano and voice. She currently lives in Vancouver.

BLUE AGAIN has 13 memorable songs, each one memorably performed by Karin Plato. Selections include "Blue Again" written by Karin Plato, one of the best renditions around of Irving Berlin's classic "What'll I Do?," Antonio Carlos Jobim's classic "If You Never Come To Me," "Fools Rush In," "December" written by Karin Plato, "Songbird," among others. The guitar work by each performer is solid, lovely, and uniquely expressed, a perfect compliment to the vocals of Karin Plato."

What impressed me about this singer was the total honesty she gives to each song, each vocal expression a vision of something special to share with the audience which she does well. You can feel as well as visualize the words and music as performed by this singer. Karin Plato is also a gifted composer.

BLUE AGAIN is excellent in all aspects, and for those who have not heard the vocal magic of Karin Plato, this is an outstanding introduction to hear her sing. A memorable collection, sure to win Karin Plato many new fans in the audience. Flawless jazz vocals.


Five stars.

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