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1. Up With The Lark (3:01)
2. Let’s Take An Old Fashioned Walk
3. Blue Room (3:34)
4. Big Black Crow (3:52)
5. Diamonds On The Waves (6:20)
6. I Hear Music
7. My Favorite Things (4:54)
8. Time Will Not Wait For You (5:32)
9. Pennies From Heaven (5:57)
10. Here It Is (7:07)
11. Cast Your Fate To The Wind (4:26)
12. Summer Will Follow (5:35)
13. The State Of Bliss (3:26)

- duet with Denzal Sinclaire


The state of bliss is something of a mystery to me. I wish I knew the secret to capturing this sensation in life. I only know that when it catches me I am on a cloud and wish to remain elated in that state forever. That’s how it felt recording the songs for this CD. Absolute bliss!

Singing with the wonderful Denzal Sinclaire on the duets was such a joy and having Torben at the helm again as producer made me believe that all would be under control. It was Torben’s suggestion that we make a CD with three different rhythm sections. The idea became more and more exciting to me as I realized the possibility of recording with so many talented musicians: all for the same CD. These musicians assembled here are men whose talents I truly admire and singing with them inspired me to work on becoming a a better musician myself.

I hope you enjoy the songs...


Produced by Torben Oxbol

Riverside Studio in Vancouver - August 2002



Campbell Ryga - sax
Darren Radtke - bass
Dave Robbins - drums
Ross Taggart - piano
Ken Lister - bass
Craig Scott - drums
Bill Coon - guitar
Bob Murphy - piano
Lou Mastroianni - piano
Steve Holy - bass
Tom Foster - drums
Denis Esson - trombone
Bill Abbot - sax
Brad Turner - flugelhorn


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