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Blue Again

Vancouver Sun

by Marke Andrews

Vancouver vocalist Karin Plato has been a busy girl lately, releasing a Christmas album and a non-seasonal CD in the same month. Blue Again, a collection of 13 duets for vocals and guitar and vocals and bass, shimmers on the strength of Plato's confident, no-frills vocals and the exquisite arrangements, uncredited in the liner notes.

Things get off to a punchy start with "Two to Tango," a dialogue between a playful, breezy Plato and bassist Torben Oxbol, laying down a walking line. Guitarist/vocalist Celso Machado lends a Brazilian flavour to "Someone to Light Up My Life," while electric guitarists Bill Coon and Oliver Gannon are superb on seven tracks. "On No Moon at All," Coon swings beautifully as Plato caresses the lyrics which celebrate a moonless, romantic night.

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