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1. IT Takes Two To Tango
2. Someone To Light Up My Life
3. Blue Again
4. What’ll I Do?
5. If You Never Come To Me
6. No Moon At All
7. A Sleepin’ Bee
8. Fools Rush In
9. We Kiss In A Shadow
10. December
11. Love For Sale
12. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
13. Songbird


In the past few years I have met a number of special people in the music world. Some have given me words of wisdom and encouragement. Other have given me a “break.” I wish them to know that my gratitude is real and heartfelt.

Bonnie Austring-Winter, Jim Gallagher, Jim Gordon, Paul Grant, Bill King, Jesse King, Jason Manning, Brian Nation,
Paul Norton, Neil Ritchie, Jim Wilke, Scott Wilson and Bruce Wiwchar

MUSICIANS - featuring duets with
Bill Coon - guitar
Celso Machado - guitar
Torben Oxbol - bass
Oliver Gannon - guitar

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